Adam Orbanski (adam_orb) wrote in wpg_callcenters,
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brians friend

My name is Adam, i also work at WOR. fun times there, i think everyone should work there...its a good idea. then you can work with me and brian every day and go insane talking to bitchy ppl who have no time to talk to you. ersh!!!!!!!!
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i dont think everyone should work there, adam. it drove me crazy, how you and brian love it baffles me. hopefully i never have to work there again, altho i miss some people... haha, but never again
Welcome Adam.

I agree that the people really are cool. It kind of sucks working day shifts nowadays because all the really fun people are never there anymore while I'm working---except of course Diane, she's really cool.

Everyone really should work at WOR, though the pay isn't as good as ipsos-reid, I'd say the laid-back atmosphere makes up for it.
*pops in randomly*

Well, OK, not so randomly. I work at a phone research place in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and -- yep. It sucks. Search by interest is my friiiiiiend.

Allow me to perhaps plug phone_survey -- for us few, the not-so-proud, the phone survey goons...