Brian James (archaist) wrote in wpg_callcenters,
Brian James

NRG toast?

I've heard that a lot of crazy stuff is going on at NRG Research (formerly WOR). A little bird told me that pretty much the entire supervisor staff got a complete firing and rehiring, and that the shifts are really bad now.

So, instead of going back there after a long hiatus, I'm thinking of getting a new call center job. Guess I'm a sucker for punishment. Are there any that will just let me work Saturdays and possibly a couple of evenings in addition to that? Or are all call centers other than vintage-NRG/WOR pretty unflexible when it comes to setting hours?

Oh, I'm also interested in exactly what's going on at NRG, just for gossip's sake.
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Prairie Research Associates (also market research) very flexible. Give them a call 987-2030.

You can work whenever you want, and really, that's the best thing. Also, the people are awesome.

It's not the BEST call centre, but they are not evil either.
So just Market Research? No political polls? That's got to get a bit tiring after a while.

I'll check it out, though. Thanks for the suggestion.