Rob (paper_rob) wrote in wpg_callcenters,

hey there.

i dont work in a call center, but ive had this question on my mind for a while now, and seeing as im on the phone this very minute, talking to someone about insurance or something, i decided that now was the time.

so, usually i let them talk and explain why their calling, then i say "no thanks" and then i listen some more while they try and rope me back in, then i say "no thanks" again.
that usually does it.

my girlfriend on the other hand takes the more direct approach and just hangs up on them.

so i guess im just wondering what YOU, the call center employees of winnipeg feel is the less annoying approach.

should i listen then decline?
or is it less annoying if the person hangs up on you, so you dont have to go through the whole thing, and you can just move on to the next person?

with all due respect,
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Good question, Rob.

The best approach is to tell them straight away that you're not interested, or to hang up. Friendliness will only give the person on the phone false hope in making a sale, and ultimately disappoint them.

If you are straightforward, not terribly rude, and make it absolutely clear that you're not interested in buying anything, they'll move onto the next number on their list. If you want to never be phoned again, you can say "take our number off your list" or something (usually the word "list" does it) and that particular company will be able to remove your number from their information.

It's only really "annoying" to those of us on the phone when you take the call personally or get angry at the person phoning you. Even just hanging up is a good way to avoid hostility and get the message across.
im sure ill be able to put this to use in the coming days.
I work in market research (surveys) and I think that if you are going to refuse do whatever you like.
It's easier for us to have you hang up right away without saying anything because we can just disposition it as a refusal and go on. If you say something like "I'm busy" we have to ask when a better time for us to call you back would be. So, just be honest. That's all we want.
The thing that is most annoying is when the snotty teenagers are like "We're not interested" and it doesn't matter what she/he thinks anyways because we want their parents.
Totally! I hate that!
Or when they lie to you really openly...
It's like, people are so dependant on the general perception that the world is entirely non-committal. They just don't get that if they say to call back later, we will call back later.
Just say you don't want to participate.
You know, I really appreciated it when even if people interrupted my intro, if they said in a polite tone, "I'm not interested, but thank you."
Or even "I'm not interested, goobye now." in a polite, 'you-are-human-too' tone.

Seriously. I had this one guy say "I appreciate and understand what market research is for and all about, but I just don't like to participate. I hope you find someone willing. Bybye now." Just to make sure Ipsos didn't harrass him again, I Code 5'd him.
Those two sentences made my entire shift in that little hell, and I will always remember that guy.