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A community for us callcentre monkeys in Winnipeg!?
Who'd'a thunk it?
I used to work for Ipsos-Reid, and did for 6 months or so, from April to October of 2007 when I quit for various reasons.
I now work for Archway in a fun little CSR job.

I'm thinking of starting an online campaign against ASI, as I really disagree with their company practises. Come on guys! I can't be alone in this!

hey there.

i dont work in a call center, but ive had this question on my mind for a while now, and seeing as im on the phone this very minute, talking to someone about insurance or something, i decided that now was the time.

so, usually i let them talk and explain why their calling, then i say "no thanks" and then i listen some more while they try and rope me back in, then i say "no thanks" again.
that usually does it.

my girlfriend on the other hand takes the more direct approach and just hangs up on them.

so i guess im just wondering what YOU, the call center employees of winnipeg feel is the less annoying approach.

should i listen then decline?
or is it less annoying if the person hangs up on you, so you dont have to go through the whole thing, and you can just move on to the next person?

with all due respect,

NRG toast?

I've heard that a lot of crazy stuff is going on at NRG Research (formerly WOR). A little bird told me that pretty much the entire supervisor staff got a complete firing and rehiring, and that the shifts are really bad now.

So, instead of going back there after a long hiatus, I'm thinking of getting a new call center job. Guess I'm a sucker for punishment. Are there any that will just let me work Saturdays and possibly a couple of evenings in addition to that? Or are all call centers other than vintage-NRG/WOR pretty unflexible when it comes to setting hours?

Oh, I'm also interested in exactly what's going on at NRG, just for gossip's sake.

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!
Cross posted into "winnipeg" and "prgay"

This evening at work I was sitting happily (or as happily as you can while sitting on the phones in a call centre) talking to a nice respondent and BOOM! The building shook and all the lights went out.

"I'm sorry sir but I'll have to take your phone number and call you back. All the power just went out in the building and I cannot continue the survey"

I saw on the news that there was some sort of electrical blow out in the sewers that blew some man hole covers off and there was a thirty foot (?) pillar of flame coming from the sewers.

Apparently some guy went to the hospital because of burns on his upper body and I hope he will be alright. What a shitty thing to happen to a guy. Walking along, minding his own business and Flame Erupts from the streets. Definately odd, and shitty luck. Maybe he was in a car... I dunno the whole story, the news was very vague about it all. And you'd think exploding streets would make a decent story.

On the bright side (for me anyways) we got to go home early, and work may be cancelled tomorrow (which leaves me free to run some errands).

Does anyone else have any more details/pictures/stories to tell about the exploding street tonight? Any interesting experiences in the work place (come on Faneuil (sp?) people, I know you're out there!)?

hey, first post here

well, howdy, i work at *gasp* a call center.
Dimark to be exact.
its lamer.. okay, outbound is lame.
however, i have the most rocking supervisor and... my other supervisor is pretty cool.. even though he bears a striking resmblance to jesus... *laughs*

i'm thinking of looking for another job... probably inbound...however the thought of convergys sorta scares me. its so far away...
so i'm thinking of other inbound places in the city.

i heard pizza hut had one.. or am i thinking of archways.. *le sigh* i used to work there in the department... *dies* anyways, thinking of archways' domino pizza line... what did they do there? take complaints? *shrugs*

anywho, i'm goign back to bed. coz its ... 7:38 according to my clocks...
night, morning all.

Also a WOR drone, I mean employee

I too work at Western Opinion Research, along with Adam and Brian. I like the relaxed environment there... Though really there's no use staying somewhere because they let you socialize, when there's no one to socialize with during the day shifts anymore. And it's kinda depressing working with the lifers (though it's possibly motivation to do your best to not end up still working there in your 60's and over, like them)
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