Rob (paper_rob) wrote in wpg_callcenters,

hey there.

i dont work in a call center, but ive had this question on my mind for a while now, and seeing as im on the phone this very minute, talking to someone about insurance or something, i decided that now was the time.

so, usually i let them talk and explain why their calling, then i say "no thanks" and then i listen some more while they try and rope me back in, then i say "no thanks" again.
that usually does it.

my girlfriend on the other hand takes the more direct approach and just hangs up on them.

so i guess im just wondering what YOU, the call center employees of winnipeg feel is the less annoying approach.

should i listen then decline?
or is it less annoying if the person hangs up on you, so you dont have to go through the whole thing, and you can just move on to the next person?

with all due respect,
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